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Was "It's good for shooting your wife while high on blow," a reference to the Johnny Cash song "Cocaine Blues?"

Horsenwelles responds:

yes. quite obviously.

did you see the soup's rendition of it?

Was this narrated by Christopher Walken? But in all seriousness, that was a very good animation; keep them coming.

That was simply amazing. The art was perfect, the acting was above the bar by flash game standards, and the animation was so clean. This would have easily passed as a made for TV movie.

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Very nice.

I loved the sketches. I wish I could draw that good.

And it's nice to see that DARPA went through with the armored shark program.


It really is.

There are only a few things I could find wrong with it.

1. The journals. They are very vital to the experience of this game, but they just seem lacking. If you could add more variety to them, that would be great.

2. I'm sure everyone has said it, but the zombie attack animations. You seem to be good at art and programming, but maybe you could collaborate with a better animator.

3. Buildings could use upgrades. Instead of having to convert motels to apartments to house my survivors, I should be able to upgrade the suburbs. Being able to upgrade buildings on multiple tiers would add depth to this game like you wouldn't believe.

4. Fatigue system? It just doesn't seem right to be able to send the same soldier on mission after mission. Maybe in the next game you could introduce a fatigue system. Maybe it could be turned off during easy mode to make it easier for less skilled players.

Now time for my review to be lost to the other 300 and never seen again........

I got

Second place.

My gimp will pay for this disgrace, he better prepare his anus for punishment.

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I have listened to this song so many times; I just love it.

Keep it up man, you have talent.

P.S. Where did sample this from? I would like to hear the original too.

Crueltool responds:

Thanks man!!! I'm really don't remember where did i cut it. But sound is good)))

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Love it

The wound is a bit big for a 5.56mm though hahaha.

The fact you drew it so quick is amazing.

I can't really find any criticism here, you seem to be an amazing artist.

Taiso responds:

hehehe thx, dude...and I don't know much about guns, myself...but it's never too late to learn

Semper Fidelis. Words to live by.

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